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We invite you to get to know us

Building a new home is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. It takes an enormous effort to research options, decide what you want, finalize your plans, and supervise the building process.

Some of your major decisions involve materials, but it’s the people who design and build your home that make the difference. Your research naturally includes learning about those people, what they value, and how they approach the building process. You need to feel comfortable working together, because you will be living with the decisions you jointly make.

That’s why we want you to get to know the people at Deltec Homes. Visit our staff pages to learn about our employees from both a professional and personal perspective.

To learn about what we value as a company, take a look at our guiding principles. You can also read about our more than four decades of business expertise and see how the company started. This information will help you determine if we’re a good fit.

"I don't think many people ever experience such a high level of service and support as Deltec provides. As great as the product itself is, it was the total experience with Deltec that would bring me back again." - John and Cynthia G., Mesa, CO.

"The high quality of this house is apparent to anyone who comes to visit. I have built my perfect dream house!" - Katrina S., Marshall, NC

"Visitors are in awe when they see the house from the inside. It just doesn't get any better than this! We are proud owners of a Deltec home. We wouldn't have it any other way." - Diane K., Gulfport, MS

Throughout the entire process, everyone at Deltec was very responsive to our ideas and concerns. - Kurt and Catherine G., Barneveld, WI

The free home building workshop was excellent, informative and very professional. - Larry M., Cullman, AL

I went through Floyd and Frances, with top wind speeds of 150 mph. There was no damage at all to my Deltec. - Jerry O., Cat Island, Bahamas

We love our Deltec. It is very energy efficient. We have not had a gas bill over $75 this year! - Daniel and Lynn W., Wildwood, PA

We’re very pleased with the Deltec home circular design. The curves of our round home allow us to enjoy the landscape from all angles. - – Barbara P., Richford, VT -

The factory tour was top notch and we got tremendous insight into your home and building process. We left very impressed. - -Greg and Sandy O., Glasford.IL-

We live 25 miles from the epicenter of a 5.8 quake. Unlike many people around us in this area, we came through it unscathed. The house is solid as a rock! No cracks to walls inside or out, none to foundation, and none to stucco or stone exterior. I have to say when we realized what was happening, it never occurred to us to run out of the house because we know how well this house is constructed. So, thank you Deltec for providing houses that not only are built to survive big storms, but 5.8 earthquakes too! Love our house. - John & Terri H., Spotsylvania, VA