Energy Efficiency Comes Standard

Our round shape, our precise construction and the building envelope options we offer ensure that energy efficiency comes with every Deltec home.

Panelized construction allows for tighter fitting building components, reducing air leakage. Paired with our precise window installations, close-fitting wall panels and options for extra air-tightness such as our "Airblock" building gasket, a well-built Deltec home can deliver exceptional air-tightness. Deltec Homes measured in the field with a blower door test have achieved air-tightness scores of as low as 0.80 ACH50.

Deltec's precision-built home makes it energy efficient

Victor installing our "AirBlock" foam gasket on a double-stud Deltec wall panel.  The slow-expanding foam forms an air-tight gasket between the plywood sheathing and stud framing of this wall panel, reducing air-infiltration that leads to higher energy costs.

Round Shape
The aerodynamic shape reduces the amount of surface area exposed to outside temperatures and therefore reduces the amount of heat lost. Below is an example of our Sierra model in comparison to a traditional home.

the round shape of a deltec home makes it energy efficient

Building Envelope Design for High Performance

The wall panels and trusses we build in our factory are designed for energy efficient at a variety of levels. Thicker wall panels for greater insulation values, raised heel truss designs for solid insulation performance in the attic and Energy Star certified high efficient double and even triple pane options help customers achieve above-code R-values wherever they are building.

See our Green Products page for details on options such as our 2x6 Energy Wall, 2x10 Double Stud Wall, High Performance Windows and more. 

"Our past electric bills ranged from $120 to 250. With our 4000 sq. ft. Deltec (around 3 times the size of our old house), our electric bill averages around $120, $130 per month."—Kim M., Magnolia, TX