Green Services and Consultations

Our green department is staffed with a certified RESNET HERS rater and experienced green building consultant, here to work with you on your specific green building project. Consultation with the green department is a free service provided to all Deltec customers. Our green department can assist you and your builder from the design state all the way through construction.  

Here are some examples of what our green department can do for you  

Evaluate insulation types and specify above-code R-values

Evaluate HVAC system types and options, ensure proper HVAC design

Create a durability plan with you and your builder

Evaluate opportunities for green building certification programs such as ENERGY STAR, LEED, the NAHB National Green Building Standard

Detailed passive solar design review  including overhang sizing and shading analysis, window location, and thermal mass

Plan for and integrate renewable energy systems

Research sustainable products such as insulation, flooring, and low-flow plumbing fixtures

Consult with your builder on air-tightness details during construction

Performance Verification and Green Certification

When you build a green home in the field, it is beneficial to verify that home's performance with a green building program or certification.  That's why, in addition to our standard consultation, we can also offer some deeper verification and certification services, in conjunction with third party engineers as appropriate: 

Projected HERS Rating and Energy Modeling

We offer in-house energy modeling of your high performance or net-zero home design, helping you make cost-effective decisions in the design phase that can help your home reach your desired level of energy efficiency performance. Services include computer energy modeling and a projected HERS (Home Energy Rating System) rating on your proposed home design, performed by our in-house HERS rater. (Note: house must be tested and inspected by a local HERS rater to receive a final HERS score.)  Services can also include basic mechanical system design through an outside engineer.

Learn more about the RESNET HERS index and how it can help your energy efficient construction project:




 Design to Earn the ENERGY STAR Certification

Deltec's green department can work with you to incorporate energy-efficient details and specifications to meet rigorous guidelines set by the EPA's ENERGY STAR for Homes program. Your plans are independently reviewed and verified to include energy-saving features and construction practices that will result in a home that is 20–30 percent more energy efficient than a standard home. (Note that a local energy rater must be hired for an additional expense to complete on-site inspections. Additional fees may be required in some states).