Who is Deltec Homes?

Founded in 1968, Deltec Homes is a family-owned company based out of Asheville, NC. Offering round, traditional and modern prefabricated kits, our homes are designed to provide a healthy and comfortable environment while protecting you and your family. Our commitment excellence drives us to build each home to outperform all others in terms of quality, sustainability and strength.

What is included in the Classic Deltec shell package?

Deltec provides the structural shell of the home, which makes up about one-third of the finished home, including:

1. 2” x 6” x 8’ wall panels
2. Double 2” x 10” headers in all wall panels
3. 5/8” CDX plywood sheathing
4. Complete half scissor truss roof system
5. Typar House Wrap
6. Pre-cut roof sheathing & Typar surround
7. Fascia / pre-cut soffit materials
8. 1’-9” overhang
9. Radial floor system

We have several options available to add including pre-installed, pre-painted siding, pre-installed windows, deck systems, skylights, wing and connect additions, covered porch kits, garages and many more

What is included in the Renew Collection shell package?

The Deltec shell makes up about one-third of the finished home. Each Renew Collection shell package includes:

1. WebTec Floor system
2. Energy Wall (for South package) or Double Stud Wall (for North package)
3. Energy Saver Overhang (for South package) or Energy Saver Plus Overhang (for North package)
4. Pre-installed Typar weather barrier house wrap
5. Pre-designed floorplan
6. Energy modeling of your home for your climate

We have several options available to add including pre-painted siding, pre-installed windows, deck systems, skylights, garages and many more.

Where can I see a Deltec home?

Our model homes are located next door to each other in Mars Hill, NC. Visit our Contact Us page for hours and the address. We can also arrange a tour of a private home of one of our many Home Owner Referral Club members. Contact your Sales Consultant to locate a home near you.

How can I certify my green home?

If you intend to seek a green certification for your home such as LEED or ENERGY STAR, our Green Building Department is available to assist every step of the way and ensure you meet the necessary requirements to achieve your certification.

What energy efficient options are available to add to my Deltec?

We have several green options to add to your shell package including: FrameGuard termite & mold resistant coating, Classic Metal roof, Energy Wall, double-stud walls, triple pane windows, fresh air ventilation systems, skylights and sun tunnels, energy modeling and energy design services, solar hot water kits and many more.

How much does it cost to build a Deltec?

Usually about $150-$200 per square foot for the finished home, the cost of a Deltec is a direct reflection of what we believe defines a home: high performance design, superior materials, safe and durable, healthy and comfortable. The price can vary due to factors such as site conditions, the level of finish, location, local engineering codes and requirements. While the upfront cost may be slightly more, reduced maintenance costs and energy use means you’ll save much more money over time. Contact us to receive a detailed quote.