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There are two prices to consider when building a Deltec home: the shell package price and the turnkey—or finished—price. Once our staff understands what your project goals are, it is very easy for us to produce a quote for your Deltec shell package.

You can view  shell package pricing examples for our Classic Deltecs and Renew Collection, also throughout the Our Homes page.

The turnkey price is the total you’ll spend on your finished home, including the Deltec shell price. Usually about $150-$200 per square foot for the finished home, the cost of a Deltec is a direct reflection of what we believe defines a home: high performance design, superior materials, safe and durable, healthy and comfortable. The price can vary due to factors such as site conditions, the level of finish, location, local engineering codes and requirements. While the upfront cost may be slightly more, it only tells part of the story. Reduced maintenance costs and energy use means you’ll save much more money over time. Contact us to receive a detailed quote and turnkey estimate based on your specific project.

Average price per square foot US consumers spent to build a new home in 2014

Deltec Pricing


New home construction cost compared to Deltec

As many of you know, you get what you pay for. With Deltec, you’re getting a low-maintenance house that offers superior quality and healthier living conditions, all while significantly lowering energy usage. So while the final cost is typically about 4-8% more, the cost of ownership over time is significantly lower.

Cost of ownership over time

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