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The Original Green Builder Creates Dream Homes in the Round

Homebuyers today more than ever before seek quality construction and lasting value to weather storms in nature and the economy. Interest in green building is at an all-time high. People want homes that are comfortable, healthy, energy efficient—dwellings that sit gently upon the Earth and bring the beauty of nature indoors.

With more than 40 years experience in green building, one company does it all: Deltec Homes.

There's a feeling of light, openness and comfort that you get standing inside the sweeping circular space of a Deltec home. The efficient design and precision-engineered construction allows for ample windows and doors to bring the outdoors in. The trademark round shape creates spaces that can be configured in unique and surprising ways, a blank canvas for infinite interior designs.

"Flexibility is one of the key features our homeowners appreciate," says Dream Home Expert Joseph Schlenk, Director of Sales and Marketing at Deltec's Asheville, N.C., manufacturing plant.

Deltec was born here in the Blue Ridge Mountains more than four decades ago to create durable, quality, energy-efficient resort homes. Today, Deltec is a nationwide leader in green building, innovation and energy efficiency. Its homes across America create a beautiful and functional living space in any location.

Deltec homes are legendary for their ability to withstand hurricanes. Today, discerning homebuyers discover that Deltec's homes offer a green, healthy and beautiful living space that maximizes energy efficiency for long-term savings.

"When you build a house to be environmentally sound, it is also energy efficient with good indoor air quality and very comfortable—it all works together," says Green Building Expert Steve Linton, Deltec's Director of Sustainable Technologies.

Deltec builds the next generation of Green homes from components precision engineered in its factory. It's the first company in the United States to build homes using 100 percent renewable energy. In 2007 the company installed the largest solar electric array in North Carolina atop its plant. Each year, the system prevents 208 tons of carbon from entering the atmosphere.

Deltec is recognized among the nation's most elite Green Builders. The company built the first LEED certified home in Louisiana for the Extreme Makeover Home Edition project in New Orleans. The home was built to Platinum standard, the highest level of energy efficiency recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Homeowners across America are discovering they can enjoy the durability, efficiency and quality of Deltec construction for about the same cost as a standard home built from scratch on site. Each Deltec home is built using wall, roof and flooring sections preassembled in the factory. The process produces superior workmanship with 78 percent less waste than the average new home.

Deltec's holistic approach means all systems work together from design through construction to maximize environmental health, efficiency and durability. The circular shape means there is less surface area per square foot than a standard home. The aerodynamic design allows wind to flow around the home. This cuts air leakage which the U.S. Department of Energy says is responsible for 25 to 40 percent of energy used to heat and cool buildings.

Deltec builds 10 models from 300 to 2,500 square feet per level. The company employs three designers to help homeowners custom design interior spaces to fit their lives. It's all part of the company's commitment to creating green living spaces that are as beautiful as they are efficient, durable and unique.

"What we'd love to do is create a new standard for home building for people who are tired of the same old box and who want to redefine their living space," Schlenk says.

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