Questions to Ask

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Suggested questions for Joseph Schlenk and Steve Linton:
1. What can the global push for more sustainable green building learn from Deltec's 42 years building round homes?
2. What are some energy efficiency upgrades commonly built into Deltec homes that owners of existing box-shaped homes can install to help bring down their heating and air conditioning bills?
3. What about the round construction makes it energy efficient?
4. What are some other advantages of round homes?
5. Why should people visit a Deltec home before deciding to build a house? How can they find one to visit near where they live?
6. What makes these round homes, originally built for resorts, so suitable for back-to-nature living?
7. What is panelized construction? How does it differ from modular construction and what are its advantages over stick-built construction?
8. How do the costs of building a Deltec home compare to those of a traditional box-shaped house?
9. How did Deltec's business weather the real estate bust? Are you seeing signs of recovery?
10. Who mainly are your customers? Are Deltec homes suited for anyone?
11. Deltec installed the largest photovoltaic solar array in North Carolina atop its Asheville manufacturing plant and purchases what green energy it cannot produce itself. What percentage of the plant's electricity does solar provide?
12. Why has a Deltec home never been destroyed by a hurricane? Are they hurricane-proof?
13. How many hours did it take Extreme Makeover Home Edition to built a super energy efficient Deltec in New Orleans?
14. What makes these homes so simple to construct?

Questions specific to storm-proofing and hurricane resistance
1. Why has a Deltec home never been destroyed by a hurricane? Are they hurricane-proof?
2. What makes Deltec homes so wind-resistant?
3. In addition to the round shape, what are some of the other features of Deltec homes that help them withstand high winds?
4. I understand Deltec offers special packages for homes built in hurricane-prone areas. What are some of the features that distinguish these homes?
5. What can owners of traditional box-shaped homes learn from Deltec to help make their homes better withstand hurricanes? What are some tips you can offer for storm-proofing structures?