Deltec Homes Case study
Case Study

Case Study: Ridgeline Model

The House

Ridgeline B model in North Carolina, 1604 square feet.

Their Story

Rick and Maureen turned to Deltec, a company in their own backyard, to help them build the green home of their dreams. Having fallen in love with the Ridgeline design—created for Deltec Homes by a local architect who modeled it after his personal net-zero home—Rick used the Deltec Home kit to help him actualize his goal of being his own contractor and building his green home at his pace, and exactly his way. Local green certification through ENERGY STAR for Homes, combined with assistance from Deltec’s green building department, helped him augment his carpentry skills with best green building practices.

The Technical Stuff

Deltec Energy Wall with custom window package featuring high heat gain windows on the south as part of a passive solar design strategy, high efficiency conventionally-ducted HVAC system, R30 spray foam in the roof, R19 fiberglass batts for R24 total in the walls, sealed and insulated crawlspace, heat pump water heater. Pre-stained siding.

Projected HERS Score: 53

Projected Yearly Energy Costs: $1044

Projected Yearly Energy Savings: $834

Why “Projected?”

HERS scores cannot be issued until construction is complete and the finished home has been inspected by a HERS Rater. Many details of how a house is constructed are up to a builder and not under Deltec’s control, so final HERS scores may vary from estimated scores during design. Projected values are used for projects that, as of this publication, are under construction but not yet completed, based on the construction specifications.

“I’m very interested in energy efficient building and we always wanted to build a net-zero home. Deltec was very helpful and gave us great suggestions we might not have thought of otherwise.” -Rick W.

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