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“What we do is unique…”

That’s typically how we begin the answer to the question “what does Deltec Homes do?” Because it is. Even though we’re based in Asheville, we are an international homebuilder so a lot of our business comes from outside of Western North Carolina. Therefore, we provide the shell of the home, ship it to the jobsite and a local builder finishes it. There are a lot of reasons this makes sense if you’re building outside of WNC, which you can learn more about in a here.

However, if you’re building within 50 miles of Asheville, that’s not necessarily the case. Our in-house builder, Deltec Building Company (DBC), can build your Deltec from start to finish: site prep to housewarming party*.

*Housewarming party not included… Okay fine, we’ll throw it in.

Why build with Deltec Building Company?


As you can imagine, Deltec Building Company knows a lot about building a Deltec, and the industry in general. Don Thompson, vice president and general contractor, has over 40 years of experience in residential and commercial construction. Technical Specialist Kevin Adams has over 35 years of experience with our design and has built over 350 Deltec homes. Lastly, our subcontractors are very familiar with the structure and understand its distinctive characteristics


Your entire team is under one roof, so it’s a one-stop shop for every step of your project. This allows for easier, faster communication and decision-making, so your project can stay on track. In fact, the average move-in time for DBC is 6 months after you’ve signed on. Their services don’t just stop in Western North Carolina. If you’re building anywhere in North Carolina, they can assemble your shell, allowing your builder to complete the interior even faster.

Two Year Warranty

Deltec Building Company offers a limited two year warranty on labor and materials. That’s twice as long as most builder warranties. We don’t cut corners, especially on quality, so if you happen to have a claim, we’ll replace and correct defective materials quickly.


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“The quality of materials and of construction, as well as their teamwork, design skills, attention to detail, professionalism, and ability to build to standards far above the norm, entitles them to nothing less than the highest recommendation I can think of. Our home by far exceeds the building standards of any other construction company.” – Jonathon, DBC client – Black Mountain, NC

deltec building company asheville

Some of the Deltec Building Company crew hanging out with the happy homeowners in Black Mountain, NC

Deltec Building Company Turnkey Builders

A recent project for DBC nearing completion in Asheville

Deltec Model Home Innovation Center

Deltec’s Model Home & Innovation Center, built and completed by Deltec Building Company






Deltec Building Company asheville nc

A snowy day for this Deltec Building Company client in Saluda, NC

deltec building company

“It’s been very helpful having [DBC] guide us in choices concerning the construction inside and out,” Theresa, Delec Building Company client- Saluda, NC

deltec homes ridgeline

With Deltec Building Company, you everything from foundation to keys. This homeowner chose our Ridgeline B model. Among his favorite features from DBC: “the fast build time and gorgeous finishing”

deltec homes ridgeline

The exterior of Deltec Building Company’s recently completed Ridgeline B model

Deltec building company asheville

Our two-story 800 model just completed in Mars Hill

The finished interior of our 1500 model.

The finished interior of our 1500 model

builders in asheville nc

A rustic Deltec Home recently finished by DBC in Asheville












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