Deltec Express Pricing

What’s Included in your Deltec Express Package

Each Deltec shell includes the full exterior structural elements of the home including wall panels, exterior sheathing, floor and roof trusses, windows, siding, and connecting hardware.

The Express Package also includes:

    • Deltec shell package (structural components) for your slab foundation (pricing also available for placement on a crawlspace)
    • Pre-installed high-efficiency Marvin windows
    • Deltec 2 x 6 enhanced “energy walls” with 1” rigid foam board insulation
    • High-quality 5/8” plywood sheathing and high-density framing lumber (the strongest available)
    • Durable LP SmartSide ® exterior siding with encapsulating primer coat
    • Floorplans for your builder
    • Note: For projects in the southeastern United States, Deltec provides shell assembly on your foundation.  Contact us for assembly pricing.

How We Estimate the Turnkey Price Range

These costs are highly dependent on your personal finish preferences, building style, fixture and appliance selections and the building location.  These ranges are designed to help you determine if what you are considering meets your preliminary budget needs.  We can then work with you to provide a personalized rough estimate using our regional estimating software.

  • What is not included in the turnkey price ranges
    • It doesn’t include your land purchase price, state/local tax, extensive site work for difficult pieces of property, or supplemental engineering needed for specific sites or locations.
  • Example of things that might make your turnkey price fall on the lower range
    • Standard appliances
    • Builder grade flooring
    • Builder grade finishes and fixtures
    • No decking
    • Lower cost building area with more national average labor rates
  • Example of things that would make your shell price on the higher range
    • Professional-style luxury appliances
    • Premium flooring
    • Custom finishes
    • Expansive decking and outdoor living areas
    • High demand building areas with high labor rates

How did we calculate estimated energy savings?

Estimated yearly energy savings are based on this Deltec home compared to an existing home of the same size built in 1990, using the national average energy costs. Exact energy savings will vary based on site-specific variables. These estimates do not include on-site renewable energy generation, such as a solar electric array or solar hot water system. Adding those options would mean even more energy savings.

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