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FAQ: What’s included in the Deltec shell?

Deltec is very unique, so we understand if there’s a little confusion about what exactly we provide.


Deltec provides the structural shell of your home, which includes the exterior wall system, roof system and floor system (click here for the entire list).  These images are great examples of a Deltec shell:

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Deltec Homes

It’s never too early to enjoy the view! Chairs not included…

We have a full list of options you can add to your shell, which a vast majority of customers do, such as pre-installed exterior siding, pre-installed windows, wall upgrade, solar electric kits, decking and many more. Once prefabricated, we ship it to your job site where it’s set on a permanent foundation—which is already prepared by your local builder—assembled in just a few days and your builder finishes the interior however you would like. While we don’t complete the home to its entirety or provide interior walls (unless you live in Western North Carolina), we provide your builder with the floorplan,  hardware, instructions and support he or she needs to complete your home. We can also set up an onsite field consultant to assist with the shell assembly.

In addition to the Deltec home, you have full access to our services at no additional cost: your Project Manager will work with you to develop the perfect floorplan and our Green Building Department will help you achieve your green building goals in the most practical and cost-effective way.

Need a little more clarification? Let us know!

Deltec Homes