Lead Time Update


Updated October 3, 2022

  • Increased housing demand coupled with factory and transportation labor are wreaking havoc on supply chains across the entire U.S. building industry.  Unprecedented lead times for windows and other materials are currently five months as of October 2022, even for Deltec which has strong long-standing partnerships with our suppliers. Prices for construction materials, from lumber and plywood to windows, doors and hardware, can rise on a weekly basis as well.
  • CUSTOM DELTEC HOMES: Please allow 10-12 months for plan development, ordering of materials, manufacturing of your home package and delivery to your job site. Since every custom plan is unique, components like windows can’t be ordered until your plans are complete and the production contract is signed.  Note that lead times can also vary based on the scope and size of your project.
  • LOCK IN TODAY’S PRICES: When your plan is complete and you sign a production contract, your prices are locked at that time, regardless of increases between that date and when your Deltec is shipped. Getting production started now ensures you will get the best price available in our current market. 
  • FASTER OPTIONS: Deltec has 2 new options to address these schedule challenges:
    • DELTEC EXPRESS: Deltec has selected 3 of our most popular models and preordered a limited number of window packages in advance to save significant schedule time. While these homes cannot be customized, the Deltec Express homes can cut up to 6-9 months in your production schedule, lock in current prices, and include a Deltec crew to assemble your shell on your job site. Learn How to skip to the head of our production line with Deltec Express.
    • CUSTOMER SUPPLIED WINDOWS: Our manufacturing process includes Deltec factory installation of Marvin windows into each wall panel. It is possible (although not ideal) to deliver your Deltec much sooner if you/your builder order and install your own windows, allowing your builder to proceed with work on the house during the extended window lead time.  Contact Deltec for further information on the Customer-Supplied Window Option.
  • THERE IS STILL TIME TO BUILD IN EARLY 2023! If you finalize your design and sign either a custom Deltec or Deltec Express production contract by October 31, 2022, you can lock in your price and still secure a spot for manufacturing and delivery of your Deltec by February 2023.
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