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We believe building a new home shouldn’t be a long, stressful process. Our advanced building system and prefabrication method allows our customers to experience an easier, more efficient build from start to finish that traditional construction can’t offer. We are a panelized home builder— each panel is precisely built in our state-of the-art manufacturing facility, enabling us to focus on details and ensuring a perfect fit once it’s on the jobsite. Taking the guesswork out of the shell assembly makes it easy for a professional builder or DIYer. Since materials aren’t cut and measured onsite like traditional construction, assembly is much faster—taking days rather than months—and there’s substantially less waste. We use the strongest framing lumber available and store it indoors until its delivered to the jobsite.  Since it’s protected from rain, mold and moisture, you can expect even more durability  and much less  maintenance long term. Not to mention the time and money saved from replacing warped lumber.

Further, we offer exceptional customer service and support throughout the construction of your home. Our in-house construction expert is available 24 hours a day to answer any questions. We can also provide an on-site technical assistant to help assemble your shell. Our goal is the same as yours: to build an extremely energy efficient, high quality home that will last generations to come.

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"With Deltec, there is very little guess work. If I had a question about building, they were very prompt and knowledgable."

Jim Schneider, Builder - Cape Charles, VA

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