Ways to Save on your Deltec Home

Save with Deltec Express

We have selected four of our best-selling Deltec models and made them available as “Deltec Express.” These Deltec Express homes are pure Deltec in quality and design, but they don’t require custom design and use in-stock components. Because they are more efficient and cost-effective for us to build, we can pass the savings on to you!

Choose a Deltec Express model with a pre-designed floorplan, and save up up to $20,500 on the cost of your Deltec shell package, and six months or more on your construction timeline. Both the 1500 and Ridgeline B models feature 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, while the 500 and 800 models are popular in-law suite/guest house designs.

Deltec 500
Deltec 800
Deltec 1500
Deltec Ridgeline B

Save With Crescent Select by Deltec

Crescent Select is specifically designed to offer customization options with pre-designed savings. This home takes our classic Deltec round design, splits it in half and adds a large center section to increase the square footage. These three sections (the middle and two ends) each have a wide variety of pre-configured floor plan options, which make it fast and easy to mix and match to find your perfect fit.

There are no design fees for the Crescent Select, and construction floor plans can be ready in days instead of months. Try out the floor plan explorer to see the possibilities for yourself (there are 324 combinations!)

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