We have have replaced all upcoming events with virtual events, including webinars. We have designed these webinars to provide you the same type of information that the in-person events provide. Please take a look at the webinars being offered and register for each of the ones you would like to attend by clicking the register button on the right. We will offer these webinars again as well as an expanded list of webinars covering more topics so please check back often to see if there is a webinar that interests you.

Sustainability Aspects: Indoor Air Quality for the Homeowner
Healthy indoor air is becoming a more critically important topic than ever before. This webinar gives an overview for the interested homeowner of the current building science behind achieving superior indoor air quality in a new home. Participants should come away with a general awareness of what practices to ask for during the build process, what common concerns to watch out for, and what resources they can go to for additional information.

We are scheduling new webinars all the time so check back on new webinars that we will offer in June and July of this year.

If you would like to view any of our previous webinars on-demand please check them out here. They have the same great content of our live webinars, but viewable at your convenience.

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