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Green Building

Energy Efficient

Environmental responsibility is an integral part of Deltec’s philosophy. In an ever-changing industry, it’s one aspect of our company that has remained constant throughout nearly 50 years in business. Rather than just lessen impact on the planet, our homes can create a positive, restorative effect. We believe that by taking the steps to a better environment today, we’re creating a higher standard for the future.

The airtight building envelope and precise construction ensures that energy efficiency comes with every Deltec home. We also have additional green options that can make your home even more energy efficient, all the way to net-zero, including a double-stud wall, energy wall, solar hot water system, triple pane windows and many more.

Living with a low impact results in a higher quality of life. A home built to this level provides a healthier and more comfortable environment. The round shape offers less surface area and better airflow for your home, reducing heat gain and loss. In addition to the shape, the airtight structure ensures reduced air-leakage, more consistent indoor temperatures and fewer allergens and pollutants, keeping you and your family healthy. Further, our homeowners can expect drastically lower energy bills as well as lower maintenance costs.

Net Zero Energy

Our commitment to the environment drives us to build homes that not only reduce environmental impact, but create a restorative effect. The high performance design and advanced engineering make it easier and more attainable to build a home that produces as much energy as it needs through renewable energy, known as net-zero energy. Read more about it here.

Sustainable Manufacturing

273 solar panels on the roof of our production facility allow us to prefabricate every Deltec home with 100% renewable energy

Our commitment to the environment means that every component of your home—from building materials to building methods—is focused on sustainability. With 273 solar panels on the roof of our production facility, every Deltec home is prefabricated using 100% renewable energy. We also divert an average of 80% of construction waste away from landfills by regularly donating our scrap wood to Habitat for Humanity and local organizations, Apple Country Woodcrafters and Wild South. We are constantly looking for additional donation outlets to achieve our goal of zero landfill waste. View our full sustainability report

Green Building Services

Our green building department is staffed with a certified RESNET HERS rater and experienced green building consultant. They’ll work with you to achieve your green building goals and can assist you and your builder from the design phase to construction. Some of the services available from the green building department:

  • Evaluation of insulation types and specify above-code R-values
  • Evaluation of  HVAC system types and options, ensure proper HVAC design
  • Development of a durability plan with you and your builder
  • Assisting with building certification programs such as ENERGY STAR, LEED and the NAHB National Green Building Standard
  • Passive solar design review including overhang sizing and shading analysis, window location and thermal mass
  • Plan and integrate renewable energy systems
  • Research sustainable products and finishings such as insulation, flooring and low-flow plumbing fixtures
  • Work with your builder on air-tightness details during construction
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“We love our Deltec. It is a wonderful design and is VERY fuel efficient. It was ‘green’ before green was cool.”

Becky A. – Greenville, SC

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