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“This home is 50% larger than my last one, yet my energy bills are 50% less” – Phillip – Montreat, NC

Dubbed “the original green builder”, Deltec Homes celebrates 50 years of business last year. Since 1968, our round panelized 360° Collection homes have become a staple in Western North Carolina and we’ve since extended our product line to offer traditional and modern styles with the Renew Collection.

The perfect home for WNC

Calling Asheville home for half a century has given us a great amount of knowledge and appreciation for this area. The quality and precision we put into each home is unmatched by any other builder. No matter what your building goals are, we’re certain to achieve it. With two lines of homes, we have something for everyone.

360° Collection

  • Unique, round design
  • Fully custom floorplans & “building block” combinations
  • Panoramic views – something many people in the Asheville area can appreciate

Renew Collection

  • Pre-designed floorplans for passive solar, making the design process quick
  • Uses 2/3rds less energy than a traditional home, making achieving net-zero energy easy
  • Traditional and modern styles

Both 360° Collection and Renew Collection

  • Built with the strongest framing lumber available
  • Precision-crafted for an air-tight structure
  • Energy efficiency & low maintenance
  • Built sustainably in a factory run by 100% renewable energy & diverts 80% of waste away from the landfill
  • 99.9% materials made in the USA

Deltec Building Company

As an international company, there are Deltec homes all over the world. In those cases, the shell of the home is shipped to the jobsite where your builder finishes it out. But if you’re building within 50 miles of Asheville, our in-house construction company, Deltec Building Company (DBC), can build your Deltec from start to finish: site prep to housewarming party*.

*Housewarming party not included… Okay fine, we’ll throw it in.

deltec homes ridgeline

With Deltec Building Company, you’re getting everything from foundation to keys. This homeowner chose our Ridgeline B model. Among his favorite features: “the fast build time and gorgeous finishing”


As you can imagine, Deltec Building Company knows a lot about building a Deltec, and the industry in general.

Jack Eller, Director of Construction, started building as soon as he could use a shovel, helping his father who was also a general contractor.  He has been building Deltecs for over 12 years and has extensive experience in both residential and commercial construction.

Our subcontractors are very familiar with the structure and understand its distinctive characteristics and efficiencies.

Green Building Knowledge

It’s hard to find a builder today who doesn’t say they specialize in green building practices, but many of them can’t offer the level of expertise that we do. Every Deltec Building Company home is Energy Star certified and can be Green Built North Carolina certified. Our in-house RESNET HERS rater and green building manager can work with you to ensure you achieve any green building goal.

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Built by Deltec Building Company, our net-zero model home produces all of its own energy over the course of the year


Your entire team is under one roof, so it’s a one-stop shop for every step of your project. This allows for easier, faster communication and decision-making, so your project can stay on track. Each home we build is custom designed to meet your needs, and our average completion time is 6-7 months after your shell is assembled (the weather and variety of site conditions in Western North Carolina make the sitework and foundation stages of each project unique, so your build time will start when the shell is assembled).

For more examples of Deltec Building Company’s projects, visit our blog.

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