Case Studies on Award-Winning Deltec Homes

Deltec Homes is so honored that two of our certified Zero Energy Ready Home projects have won the US Department of Energy’s Housing Innovation Awards. Since 2013, the DOE Housing Innovation Awards have honored the very best in innovation on the path to zero energy ready homes by recognizing forward-thinking builders delivering American homebuyers with a better homeowner experience.

According to Sam Rashkin, Chief Architect at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Building Technologies Office, “Housing Innovation Award winners are leading a major housing industry transformation to zero energy ready homes. This level of performance is the home of the future because it improves the way Americans live by substantially reducing or eliminating utility bills, ensuring engineered comfort way beyond traditional homes, protecting health with a comprehensive package of indoor air quality measures, and helping maximize the largest investment of a lifetime.”

Zero Energy Ready Homes use the very best practices in sustainable construction to offer clients a healthful environment, comfort plus, advanced technology, ultra-efficient, quality-built, and durable homes. Only the attention to detail provided by a builder deeply versed in building science, who follows this third party standard and is inspected by a third party Rater can deliver this kind of experience to a homeowner.

Check out the image galleries and case studies of each of these projects below.

Ridgeline F in Wilmington North Carolina–2021 Housing Innovation Award Grand Winner

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Ridgeline B in Mills River North Carolina–2019 Housing Innovation Award Winner

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